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General Guidelines

(BASKETBALL - NL) Goulds Hoopsters

Sun Feb 11, 2018 - General Guidelines of Goulds Hoopsters

Kids should only be in the gym during their assigned time slot so as not to disrupt the ongoing session. This will enable us to keep the groups balanced and manageable for our instructors. If there are any changes in a child's medical status other than noted at registration (ie allergies or medical concerns) please let us know. Please make sure that your child has basketball or indoor sneakers that are non marking and plenty of WATER to drink. No Food or other drinks (gatorade) permitted in the gyms. As per Hoopsters policy, parents or siblings are not permitted to stay in the gym during the skills sessions. This includes ALL groups.The program will be much more effective if our coaches are able to work with the children and not have them distracted by conversations on stage or younger siblings who have become restless or when the children leave the floor wanting to show mom or dad new skills. Also injuries can occur to non-insured persons in the gym. Parents are welcome to attend the last session of the 10 week Kindergarten-Grade 4 program to watch their child and take pictures. We hope you will understand and respect our rules and we hope your child have a fun and enjoyable session.
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Goulds Hoopsters

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